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My sister!!! :D

Came home from class took a nap, went down stairs to see she was in the process of making a birthday cake for me. :) I had mentioned a few weeks ago how I would love a strawberry mousse cake and that’s what she’s making! It should be set by tomorrow night. Man I was just floored and happy… :) And as of 23 minutes ago, another year of my life has started new!

Hey guys,

Just wanted to share something that happened last night that really worried my family. I think it’s important enough to share so you can let your own grandparents, elder relatives, and/or elderly friends aware so that they don’t fall for the scam too.

Yesterday some asshat called my grandmother, while pretending to be one of her grandkids, saying he was currently in jail and that he had a broken nose. She thought he didn’t sound like him and he was able to fool her by saying he currently had a cold. Then the phone was passed over to another individual who claimed to be a sergeant saying they needed her to put $10,000 in an account by a certain time or else they’d kill/injure him. They also said that she could not tell anyone about this.

Thankfully she contacted one of the relatives nearby who was able to confirm the grandson was CURRENTLY working and NOT in jail and to contact the police right away.  The call was using a spoof number that appeared to be local but the phone call actually came from Canada.

Anyways thought this was important to share and inform so no one happens to fall for this sort of scam. Thanks.



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YES! A THOUSAND YESSES! Gifting this out to a dear friend! I recommend this game! There are tears to be had! *Jiyeon’s route is a triggering so sending a warning now! Love this game. Play all the routes and pay attention to the Wizard’s dialogue as it changes after each route. Buy this game. :)

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