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cdrlizziebean answered: I haven’t played that one mostly because I wasn’t a fan of his character in the prologue but now I’m kinda glad I didn’t play him.

Yeah I kinda regret it to be honest. It’s a shame though because out of all of them, he seemed like he would have been the sweetest. I guess his story gets put with the “Only play through once and try to forget pile” along with Jiyeon’s route from Dandelion (that one is definitely triggering /shudder).

Official streams for old-school anime Master Post



I’m always urging people to support the anime industry in North America by watching OFFICIAL streams, but lots of people say they can’t find anything good to watch, or they don’t even know where to start. So here, my friends, is a huge list of official streams for older anime that you might enjoy.

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I remember when Serial Experiments Lain used to be something in the order of 30-40 dollars a dvd. What an age we live in.



So this is how it feels like… to have a desperate wish.

The true ending broke my heart and left me dying *wails into the night*

Oh dear this is beautiful! Love it lots! 

O_O! Oh my god. Wow. I never expected to see such lovely fan art of The Wizard from Dandelion. I feel like Ryuzo from Dreamy Days in West Tokyo crying his eyes out. “Aaaaarrrrrghhhhhh!” So beautiful and well done! I hope to see more! :)

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